Sunday, September 9, 2012


We are having a beautiful Sunday morning here.  Cool and sunny.  Feels so good after SO many hot and humid days! 
Despite the busy weekend we are having I have managed to squeeze in a few projects.  I have not loved what I had on my dining table for awhile.  I have tried different things and nothing looked quite right to me. 
I decided I wanted a white vase or pitcher with some flowers. Something just nice and simple. So of course when I started looking for the right white vase I could not find it anywhere!  Or if I found one it was way more than I wanted to spend.
****just a little side note
We are in the long process of decluttering our home.  We moved in here 7 years ago and really have not done that since.  We moved over a kids playroom at that time and still have piles of toys, books, and games that our now 15 and 17 obviously do not use.  Our basement and spare bedroom are full of lots and lots of stuff.  My goal is to spend at least a few hours each week going through it and either donating it to Goodwill, putting it on craigslist, or throwing it away.  (or if it is special putting it in a bin to save) 
It actually feels really good to do this!!
The other day I found this vase in the basement.
I had this vase  in my living room.  I had bought it at Bombay Company and it is a really nice heavy vase.  I was going to donate it but then realized that red guy would look great painted white!!!
I used Rust Oleums heirloom white.  This is my favorite white spray paint color. 
Two quick coats of spray paint and here it is. (cool sunny weather is perfect spray painting weather by the way)   This vase is just like the one I was searching for! 
FREE this little project was!!  I had the vase AND the spray paint. This is actually the first time I used spray paint on something ceramic.  I have used it on wood and metal many many times before.  I really like how it covers the ceramic.  I just may have to find some more things to paint!  :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!! 

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