Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Looking for antique glass??

I was so excited to check out a new (to me) flea market this weekend! It was in Pecatonica, IL.  It was a further than I thought, but it was a really pretty drive. 
When we first started looking around I was not that impressed.  It looked like a big rummage sale and I was bummed I drove so far for it. The more we walked around though I started to see some really neat stuff.  This is a flea market I could have spent hours and hours at. (of course)  It was huge! 

What I noticed about this one was there was so much glass!  Milk glass, antique colored glass, fiestaware, etc.  More than I have ever seen!!
Here is some antique fiestaware.  I actually never knew what this was.  A friend of mine is collecting it so I wanted to check it out.  It is really really cool!!
More fiestaware!

This vendor had beautiful glass from each decade.  The colors were  amazing!
More pretty glass!

I saw soooo much milk glass!  I was in milk glass heaven!!!

More milk glass! I ended up finding my milk glass from a vendor who was selling tons of it!  He said he has a barn full!  His wife wants to get rid of it so she was selling it super cheap!!  :)
My parents used to have a vase like this!

Love my girl!!!

My daughter Bryce and her friend.  Bryce needed to take photos for her class.  A flea market is a great place to get some cool shots!  I can't wait to see her pics!

Super cute fall display!

This vendor had beautiful handmade pillows.  This one was $6.50!

She also had this handpainted table. This vendor had adorable things!



I just thought this old Ford truck was really cool.
Bryce liked this birdfeeder.  We have plenty of fire stuff, we may try making our own!
This barnwood bed was amazing!  It was $700 and it was sold!
I came home with this cute little wood table.  Can not wait to paint this little guy!!
 Also some pretty teal glass candle holders and milk glass! :)

So my final thoughts on the Pecatonica Flea Market are:

*I will definitely go back when I have more time to look around
*I liked how it was set up, it never felt too cramped or crowded.
*Nice little areas to eat
*I liked the mix of vendors.  Not a great deal of furniture though. 
*I loved all the cool glass stuff!!
*Not too many industrial type things.  I am thinking that is because we were out in the middle of nowhere? Which is also why I think the prices were good too.

Just a side note.  I have mentioned that I am not computer savvy at all!  It took a few hours but I found out I can load my pics to my blog much quicker if I reduce their size. I figured out how to reduce the pics I want to use and Shazaam! they load in seconds!!  :)  I am so excited about this.  I was loosing patience waiting for the downloading!  I am learning one slow step at a time!!!  :)



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