Thursday, December 6, 2012

A loooooong break!!

I am back!!!  Things got a little crazy around here so I was taking a few days off from blogging.  A few days turned into a few weeks and here it is December 7th!!!  I have missed my blogging and have kept busy decorating, just not posting about it!  So I have lots to share!!!
As you know I was on the hunt for dining chairs.  I sold all my chairs for both my kitchen and dining room  table.  I researched chairs for weeks and weeks! I also sold my barstools so was really starting from scratch!
First lets talk about my kitchen table.  For this room I knew I wanted metal.  The table is the refinished oak pedestal table.  You can read about that here:;postID=8947369287926576484

 I had it narrowed down to two types of chairs.  I knew I wanted an industrial looking chair.  I  also knew I was using the two antique chairs I had re done to mix in with the metal chairs. The two styles I was considering were The Tolix chair and the Navy chair.  Both these chairs have some really interesting history to them.  I knew I could not afford an original or an vintage original for that matter!  I set off to find the best "not real" metal chair. 
Here is some of what I considered.
These tolix chairs are from Antiquaire.  This store is actually not too far from me.  They advertise that they have authentic tolix chairs.  The prices vary but run about $250.00.  A vintage tolix is around $700.00!! I did consider these chairs (not the vintage ones) but decided even at $250.00 a chair I would be spending more than I wanted to.

This tolix styled chair is from Industry West. It is the Marais A chair.  It is $145.00.  I have read good things about this chair.  I considered this one too.


I also liked this chair from Restoration Hardware.  It is the Remy & Marcel chair-$99.00

This is the Jackson Metal Tub Chair from World Market.  I love this chair.   It is $109.99 and I had a 25% off coupon so I bought 4 and was so excited!  Sadly I had to return the chairs, the arms came up too high and the chairs did not fit under my table.  Aside from that they looked great!


These tolix chairs also made it in to my kitchen. I found them at the flea market. They are new but definitely looked vintage. I got them for $100.00 a chair. I loved the vintage look about them, problem was the vintage look is why they were not going to work. They had rust on them and rough spots. This can work for some furniture but I pictured our clothes getting rust stains all over them and decided it was not the best idea for a kitchen chair. And they were not very comfortable. So I sold them on craigslist to an interior designer who was thrilled to have them! I was a little sad to see them go!
At this point in my search I started leaning towards the Navy chairs.  I liked that they were more of a simple chair. Nice and sleek with clean lines.  Nothing fancy, but industrial none the less. 
The Navy chairs were made in 1944 by Emeco.  They were made for the US Navy to be used on warships during WWII.  They were made to be indestructible.

These chairs are from Crate and Barrel.  I actually had decided on these and had placed an order online. While I was waiting on my shipment I checked them out in the store.  (probably should have done that first!!)  They were really light, like tip over light.  The floor models were also scratched and dented.  I loved the look of them, but that scared me away.  I cancelled my order. 

This Navy chair is from DWR and is $455.00.  It is made by Emeco and is authentic.  

Love this look! (Apartment Therapy)

 via Rum 21.  

These are fun!  (from Emeco)
After many many hours of searching..........

These chairs are the winner!!  The picture does not do these chairs justice!  I never have bought anything from before.  In my researching I found these and read all the reviews.  The reviews were were really really good!  Price?  Really really good too!  Two chairs for $149.00!  Plus free shipping!!  The chairs came packaged well and were in excellent condition!
Here is it in person.  This chair has substance to it, it is not as light as some of them.  These chairs are a keeper!  And they are actually comfortable!



Sooooooo, after a very long search I have found the perfect chairs.  I love that I can fit two on each side.  I added two additional seating areas.  I  also love the industrial look with the wood table & vintage chairs. 

Ok one table down, one to go!  :)


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