Monday, December 31, 2012

New counter stools!

I can not believe Christmas is over already.  It always goes way too quick!  I just love everything about the season!  I do like January as well though.   First off my beautiful daughter Bryce was born January 28th.  I also like the idea of a fresh new beginning.  I always try to organize, purge, and clean in January.  I also know that we are on our way to spring so that makes me happy too.  (although we have a few cold months to get through first!)
I have been all over the place with my projects lately.  I thought I would share my counter stool search . We have had black leather  stools at our counter since we moved in.  For years I never found a thing wrong with them, they worked and they were very comfy.  But of course I started to think they were too large and too dark and decided I wanted something else.  Like all of my other chairs I put them on craigslist to see how they would sell.  They sold very quickly and for a fair price. 

 Here are the black kitchen bar stools.  Nothing was wrong with them, I just wanted something lighter and not so bulky looking.  We also did not have much space between the table chairs and the bar stool backs so walking behind them was difficult.

I knew I was looking for a few things in our new stools.   I wanted a somewhat industrial looking stool.  I also wanted it much smaller than our previous ones. 

Here are a few styles I really like...... 

apartment therapy

Ok this is cool, but maybe a bit too cool for me! I love the barnwood looking island!

fixed point residence

I love these Delta style stools.  They would match my kitchen chairs perfectly!  

I love the splash of color in this white kitchen! 

house beautiful
  These light silver stools look great with the black! Cute kitchen!

matha stewart

I like these simple metal ones!

martha stewart

Love these too and LOVE this kitchen!!

Unlike my kitchen chair search my counter stool search was much easier.  I ruled out getting the matching Delta style stools because I did not want to match.  I also wanted backless.  This is what I found.........
I saw this stool at World Market while I was searching for my kitchen chairs.  This stool is prefect for these reasons:
1. It is industrial
2. I love the mix of wood and metal
3. This baby is sturdy! 
4. And the best part is it is adjustable. 
 I love this because if we need extra seating at our table it can be adjusted shorter to fit at the table.  Also if we move at some point and have a different height counter in our kitchen we can adjust the stools to fit!  I also bought this stool while World Market had its 25% off sale so I got a great deal!
 This is how this stool is described:
Our Twist Swivel Stool captures the cool, vintage vibe of an early 1900s draftsman stool. Its slender, sculptural silhouette features curved metal legs and a round wooden seat that twists up to bar height at 29.75" and down to counter height at 24.5". With such versatility it's a great option for both children and adults and can be used in a number of ways--try it at the coffee table for game night, or at an artist's easel.

Our previous black stools covered this space up.  The new stools leave it much more open, only down side to that is that wall is pretty beat up!!  It did not show with the other stools! 

These stools are proving to be perfect.  I like that they are backless.  It really makes that little walk way easier to get through.  They are comfortable and we have more room when we all sit at the counter to eat, which is often.  I also love the industrial look of these stools and that they are solid.  Some "new" made to look "old" industrial furniture looks nice but feels so cheap.  Even at the higher end furniture stores.  Like I said these stools are heavy and very sturdy, love that!  :)
~Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year!!! 

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