Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kane County Flea Market!

I spent a few hours yesterday at the Kane County Flea Market.  My daughter Bryce came with me since we were searching for some things for her room.  I posted her old bedroom set on Craigslist and it sold right away!  All of it!  Bed, dresser, desk, shelves, mattress.  She has NOTHING!

 We decided to re do her room for these reasons:

1.  Her dresser was from when she was 2 and we were both just tired of it. 

2.  Her desk has sat in her room for 2 years and she never once sat at it!  It collected piles and piles of stuff though!

3.  Her bed was a twin and she had really wanted a full size bed. 

I told her that if we could sell the old stuff we could re do it, and sell it did!

I did cave on painting the room.  I was NOT going to re paint it.  Problem is I like painting and I love decorating so her room is getting painted.  Thinking of a soft gray!  So excited!

   Bryce likes flea markets for about an hour or so.  Then she is pretty much done.  I like flea markets for hours and hours and hours!  And yesterday the weather could not have been more perfect.  We had a good day, but I could have stayed there so much longer!! Like until I was the last person there still shopping!!

Here is abit of what we saw.......

I love that table.  I saw it a few times now.  It is made of a man hole type cover.  It is so heavy & expensive which is why I think I keep seeing it!

I thought this cabinet was  really beautiful! 

This vendor has rows and rows of tables & dressers.

Birdhouses on rakes, kind of different!

Old metal lockers are really in right now.  These orange ones would be so cute in a boys room or a play room.  Both theses sets were sold.

More lockers...

My Girl!  :)

The flowers were gorgeous!

This table was from the vendor who made my barn wood coffee table.  This table is so cool!  It is framed in heavy metal of some sort.  I could not figure out what it was but I liked it!

This is the first time I have seen this vendor.  She had rows and rows of vintage prints.  All different prices according to how old they were.  She finds them all from over the world.  I could have looked here all day!

Just some pretty things....

Neat old bottles.

This wood shelf was so cool.  I am not sure why they had old kids shoes in it though??  I think it would make an awesome bookcase!

Almost bought these for Bryce's room but for $15.00 each I figured I can make some!

Here is what we came home with.  We were on the look out for a dresser and we found one!  It is from the 1920's.  It is solid and has wheels!  We have big plans for this dresser!  The wire basket was $15.00!  I can't find them for less than $40.00 lately so had to buy it!

I also could not pass up these vintage botanical prints.  $1.00 each!

And here you see Bryce's bed!  :)  This old barn door is exactly what we both had in mind!  This one is sealed so we don't have to worry about old paint chipping off.  $40.00.  PERFECT!!

Although short, it turned out to be a pretty successful day at the flea market.  And nothing beats spending time with my daughter!  :)

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