Monday, June 25, 2012

Wow what a day we had!!!

My sister Kim and I just spent an amazing day at the Elkhorn Flea Market!

 Just call us the Picker Sisters!!!

This was one of our better flea market excursions.  We started shopping at 8:30am and did not stop until 5:30pm.  (yes the flea market is actually over at 3pm but we don't leave!) 

By the end of our day we were soooooo exhausted.  It was in the 90's & sunny and we had walked and lifted things for 9 hours.  It was a hard days work, but we had a blast!!!

Here are a few things we saw.....

What a funky couch, hey?  It was gone at the end of the day so someone did buy it!!

I thought this was a great idea.  An old weathered frame with vintage postcards behind it. 

Really cool blue metal carts! There were 2!  One for me and one for Kim.  This was one of those times I could not decide.  She bought her cart and I kept thinking and thinking and thinking.  It is really cool, but I was just not 100% sure where I would put it. 

SO I did not buy it.  Kim did as you can see!  I thought about it for the rest of the day but left without it.  I am still thinking about it of course!!!  It is pretty neat!

If you ever need yard sticks, a flea market is the place to go!  :)

And of course we had to stop by and see our friend Hippie Tom!!

Got to love Hippie Tom's merchandise! 

Here is some of his stuff he sells.

I thought this yellow table was so pretty for a patio or sunroom.

I am not sure how I feel about the Velveeta cheese box! 

First time I ever saw an old swing like this one at a flea market!  It was sold!

This vendor has such cool rusty old stuff!  We love all her things!! She is who we named the Expensive Lady but we liked her more this last time!

  Here we are all loaded up!! See the awesome blue lockers on the right?  Love those!! Kim is going to use them for mudroom storage.   Check out the cool typewriter table on the end.  It was FREE!!

Here are some things that I found!  A pile of old metals crates, an old window, and a really old beat up bench!  Window & bench were FREE!

Another rusty thing, I was on a rusty kick I guess!  I love this metal bin!  It is covered in shellac (is that how you spell that??) so it is nice and shiny and protected.  I got plans for this little guy!

Big plans for this door too!  Cool thing about this door?  It was FREE!!!!  

Another old worn barn door.  This is just what I needed for the finishing touches in Bryce's room!! Oh and it was FREE!

Love this old card catalog drawer!  $5.00.  The clear glass bottle is an old baby bottle-$1.00.  The amber bottle was $1.00 as well.  So pretty!!!

We learned a little something this last flea market.  It you wait long enough vendors start throwing stuff out!!!  NEVER EVER thought we would garbage pick, but garbage pick we did!! It was so much fun!!!  One persons trash is for sure anothers treasure!!  :)


  1. So cool Debbie!! I wish I had an eye for this stuff..can I take you home with me? lol

    1. Thanks Kelly! Sure you can take me home anytime! :)