Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Favorite Flea Market Find!

 I love mirrors.  Especially old vintage mirrors.  I probably have too WAY many mirrors in my home, but I can't help it!  I just love them!

  I was at the Kane County Flea Market and saw this mirror. I loved the COLOR!  It caught my eye right away, but I did not buy it!  I talked myself out of it since I had quite a few mirrors. It was hard but I managed to leave without it! 

 I came home and thought about this blue mirror all night!  Literally ALL NIGHT!  I do that sometimes, it is a problem I have! :)

 SO I went back on Sunday (thankfully this flea market is really close!) and it was still there!  I got this mirror for $25.00! (plus the extra $5.00 I had to pay to get in the 2nd day!)

I love the pop of color this mirror adds to my otherwise brown-ish reading corner. 

This mirror is really heavy & pretty old which is of course another thing I love about it!  Oh and it is also one of a kind, that is pretty neat too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Loving the hot and sunny weather here! :)

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