Saturday, August 24, 2013

A little night stand......

I have had this little table for over 20 years.  I bought it from an antique shop back before I liked antiques.  I needed a small table for our entry way in our first home and this was perfect.
It was brown wood at the time.  Over the years I spray painted it black.  I used in several different rooms and it finally ended up in  our basement.  I never wanted to part with it though.
I needed a night stand for our guest room and decided this table would be perfect.  I am trying to re-do the guest room using what I have.  I love to go shopping in our basement!
I STILL have Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint left.  It really does go a long way.  I wanted this table white and not too chippy so added the bonding agent when I mixed up the paint.
 WELL I had a hard time covering the black paint so it needed a few coats.  On my last coat I mixed more paint and forgot to add the bonding agent!  After having two coats with the bonding agent I was surprised to see all my paint falling off from just the last coat of paint!

What I did think was cool was that it went all the way down to the original wood.  I did not want it white with black showing through which is why I chose to use the bonding agent.  I love that the black fell right off and the wood is showing!

You just never know with this paint......

 I waxed this table with both clear and a bit of dark wax.  I actually love how it turned out!  It is not what I envisioned but it works!
I like how this table has so much dimension to it.  It is kind of fun!  I also like that it is one piece I have held on to for so many years.
 A few little things left and our guest room is done!   

Monday, August 12, 2013

A coffee shop with flea market finds.....perfect

We have been relaxing on the beach this past week. No projects, no work, (ok I am a realtor, so I did have alittle work) precious family time, and gorgeous weather.  We spent the week in Hilton Head and enjoyed every minute of it.  We parked our car for the week and either biked or walk everywhere.  Having a 16 year old and 18 year old these trips mean the world to me.  Although in my world the kids will always want to come on vacation with us!  :)
Here is some of our trip.....
For my b-day we went to this great seafood restaurant right on the water.  We sat outside and listened to live music and ate some delicious food!
We spent every single day right here. 
Brady & Bryce. Those two are not in the same place too often anymore, so nice to have time together!!~
We played a lot of prokadema on the beach.  Not sure if that is what it is actually called, but that is what our paddles said.  It was a fun game!
We decided to bring our dog Lacee with us for the first time.  She was a great traveler.  Never heard a peep from her the entire car ride. 
We loved coming to the beach at night to just read and watch the kites. 
We saw quite a few dolphins, it was beautiful!
This was our first time kayaking.  I was a little nervous, but it was easy.  Although my arms got pretty tired!
Brady is used to more thrill seeking kind of activities, but he enjoyed this too!
Now on to the flea market find!
On our first day we found this little coffee shop that was off the beaten path.  It is called The Broken Spoke.  I really wish I would have taken pics while we were there!  It was a very cool layed back kind of coffee shop with big comfy leather couches, cool tables, mellow music, great coffee, and the best part?.......  It is like a mini flea market!  Everything (mostly) is for sale in the shop.  Antique tables, wall art, trinkets, old clocks, rocking chairs, bikes, you name it!
I saw this crate the minute I sat down and knew I wanted it.  It was big and our car was pretty full with 4 people and a dog.  I left without it.  But of course thought it about it ALL week.  On our way out of town I just had to go back.  I got that little beauty for $25.00!  It even has old metal handles on both sides.  TJ (being the good sport he is) made room for it in the car.   

Of course I am not sure what to do with this yet, but I will find a spot!  I just think it is pretty cool to have a vintage crate from South Carolina! If you are ever in the area check out The Broken Spoke Coffee Shop, it is a pretty cool place.  The owner Tim made us feel right at home!
Sunrise on the beach. 

I am thankful for the week of relaxing!