Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coventry Gray it is!

  Bryce's room is almost done! 

We decided on Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore for her walls.  It is the perfect gray!   

 I really liked Behr paint from Home Depot, I always have them mix whatever color we pick out.  I use the Behr washable flat in the green can. That is unless I am doing a bathroom! (tried the flat in my kid's bathroom and it is literally running off the wall by the shower from all the moisture!)  Looks spooky in there!

I have been getting the Behr paint with the primer in it, but even with that I still do 2 coats of paint.  The guy mixing my paint said if I do 2 coats to just go ahead with the regular not the one with primer, it is about $8.00 less a can. 

Isn't it pretty!!!

What I like about this gray is that is just that....gray.  I love grays with blue or silver in them, but we wanted a nice simple gray for her walls.  This was it! 

This paint covered great over the purple. 

This room was a breeze to paint!  Since I sold every piece of furniture (except one small table) it was so easy to move around! Sure beats painting around beds and dressers!  It was done in record time!!

I am so happy with how the Coventry Gray turned out.  It is really a pretty color!  I would definitely use it again!  It is a great neutral!

Now that the painting is done the fun starts!  Time to put her room back together.  This is really the best part of redecorating a room!   Especially as we repurposed things we already have!  I LOVE doing that!!!  We have been spray painting, Annie Sloan painting, organizing, etc. 

It is so fun seeing it all come together!  I will post more pics soon!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  :)

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