Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

The dresser is done!

I really can't say enough about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  Here are a few reasons why:

*It is soooo easy to use!
*I can paint inside my house, no smell and no mess!
*Beautiful colors! (and you can mix them to make other colors too, that is so cool!)
*Alittle goes a long way!

Here is the flea market dresser we found for $80.00.  Before I started painting it I clean it up really good! That means not only did I dust and vacuum it, I disinfected it as well! Sprayed all the drawers with lysol as well! 

I did not need to do any sanding with this paint so that saved alot of time!

I was so excited to try this color.  I had bought it a few months ago and was just waiting for the right piece.  It is Old Ochre. 

  Bryce did not want a white dresser since we just sold her old white one.  We did not want to go with TOO much color either so this was a great choice.  It is darker than an off white but lighter than beige.  This is how it is described...

 Old Ochre
a soft warm neutral that can be dark waxed to make the colour of old French painted woodwork

This is one coat on the top.  I  used a regular paint brush. I prefer a brush over a roller. It is easier for me to get in all the groves. (the paint looks pretty white in this picture, it does darken up when dry)

It works best if you remove all the drawers to paint them.  I removed the hardware as well.

One coat done.

This paint dries so quickly that by the time I am done with the first coat, I can start the second.  I am all about fast!  I usually always do 2 coats with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  I like that the extra coat gives it more protection.  After the paint was dry I used sandpaper and roughed up a few areas.  This part can get messy.  The paint sands off in a very fine dust.  Probably smart to wear a mask when doing this!

After I sanded the dresser I applied the clear wax. This step is very important.  The wax does a great job of sealing the paint.  I let the clear wax dry overnight.  (I have not always done this but it seems to work better)  I then take a cloth and buff the wax to a nice shine. the more you buff the shinier it gets!

Bryce wanted some dark wax on this as well so I added a few swipes of the dark wax with a brush after I buffed the clear wax.  I swiped it on and then wiped it with a rag.

You can see here how the dark wax adds some more dimension. 

Here is the finished dresser!  We kept the original hardware on it, it adds to its charm! 

I just love this dresser.  It is solid wood, has cool wheels, deep roomy drawers,  its from the 1920's,  and it has a nice to new paint job!  :)  Oh and it was made for my daugher with lots and lots of love! 

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