Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Tables....

Ever needed a little table to sit next to a chair to hold your coffee or a book?  I did and I could not find one the right size anywhere. So I found out how to make my own....

  I love decorating blogs, which is of course why I started my own blog. One of the first blogs I started checking out  She has some great ideas!  One of her posts was making a cute little accent table.  So easy!!!!  So easy in fact I made two!!!

 This one is in our bedroom next to a reading chair.  Perfect for holding a cup of tea!

This one is next to a chair in our family room.  This one is great for holding a glass of wine and a good book!  :)

Supplies needs for tables:

*Wood plate

I got mine from Hobby Lobby. It is 14" round unfinished wood.  About $6.00 with a coupon.  Since the wood is unfinished I sprayed a coat of primer on it first, otherwise the paint soaks right in.  I then used Rust-Oleums Heirloom White to cover the plate.  I love that color.  I sprayed a few coats on the plates and then sanded up the edges abit.

*Craft mirror

I got my mirrors at Hobby Lobby as well.  The size is 12" and they were about $3.00 each with a coupon. 


I love this glue.  It is super strong and it dries clear!  Also from Hobby Lobby.  Alittle goes a long way!

*Base:tall candles holders.

I used two different kinds of candles holders.  The glass base is a candle holder I found on clearance at Homegoods for $7.00.  I thought the glass would be pretty!  The other base is a wood candle holder I had in the basement.  I spray painted the wood candle holder Heirloom White.

Now is the simple part.  After your spray painted plate is dry, glue the bottom of the plate to the top of the candle holder.  Let the glue dry.  Next place the mirror on top of the wood plate, it fits in the grooved area of the plate really well.  I did not glue the mirror to the plate, just fit it on top.

That is it!  EASY!!!! 

I LOVE these little tables.  They are unique, inexpensive, and so simple to make!! Thanks Thrifty Decor Chick!  :)

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