Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bryce's room.....

Bryce is away at camp this week.  My goal while she is gone is to put the finishing touches on her bedroom.  A little scary since she is 15, it was much easier when she was little and did not have an opinion!  :)

One of the projects I did was re purpose an old piano bench.  We have had this bench in our basement since we moved in 7 years ago.  It has been sitting there not being used.

***A lesson learned.  When painting or sanding do not use a small towel underneath.  A large blanket or sheet works much better!  I had quite a mess to clean up after! You would think I would know that but it was late and I just wanted to get started! Or I could blame it on the heat??

I decided to use Annie Sloans Chalk Paint in Old White.  I love this nice simple color! I have it on a few things in my home.  It is the first can on Annie Sloans that I have used up entirely.

This is after one coat.  I used two coats on this bench.

After I painted the first coat I start re upholstering the bench top.  It was easy since the top could be removed.  I went with some leftover drop cloth fabric that I aready had.  I had bought the drop cloth at Lowes for another project and had some extra.  I washed the fabric first and added a little bleach to the wash.  Then I dried it in the dryer and ironed it.  Cheap and easy! Then I used my staple gun and went to town.

I love the linen look!

I used a medium grit sand paper and really roughed this one up.  I know Bryce likes our hallway bench that is pretty roughed up so I wanted this one that way.  **This is where the large sheet would have been a much better choice than a small towel!  I made a huge mess with all that sanding!  Actually taking it outside would have been the best thing! 

Here is the finished bench.  What I love about this bench is that the top opens for storage! Perfect for a teenagers room! 

Cost for bench??  FREE!  I love using stuff I already have!!  This is a big change from how I used to be.  I was very quick to go out and buy and buy and buy.  My home was NOT always filled with flea market finds and DYI projects.  BUT now that it is I am having so much fun and it feels so much more like home!  :)

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