Saturday, August 24, 2013

A little night stand......

I have had this little table for over 20 years.  I bought it from an antique shop back before I liked antiques.  I needed a small table for our entry way in our first home and this was perfect.
It was brown wood at the time.  Over the years I spray painted it black.  I used in several different rooms and it finally ended up in  our basement.  I never wanted to part with it though.
I needed a night stand for our guest room and decided this table would be perfect.  I am trying to re-do the guest room using what I have.  I love to go shopping in our basement!
I STILL have Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint left.  It really does go a long way.  I wanted this table white and not too chippy so added the bonding agent when I mixed up the paint.
 WELL I had a hard time covering the black paint so it needed a few coats.  On my last coat I mixed more paint and forgot to add the bonding agent!  After having two coats with the bonding agent I was surprised to see all my paint falling off from just the last coat of paint!

What I did think was cool was that it went all the way down to the original wood.  I did not want it white with black showing through which is why I chose to use the bonding agent.  I love that the black fell right off and the wood is showing!

You just never know with this paint......

 I waxed this table with both clear and a bit of dark wax.  I actually love how it turned out!  It is not what I envisioned but it works!
I like how this table has so much dimension to it.  It is kind of fun!  I also like that it is one piece I have held on to for so many years.
 A few little things left and our guest room is done!   

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