Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some of my favorite project of 2012

Happy New Year!!! 
I hope everyone had a happy and safe new years!  TJ & I had a quiet and very relaxing one.  Our kids were out and about which made me worry of course, but aside from that it was wonderfully relaxing!  We made a good dinner, had a fire, played games, watched movies, perfect.  
I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite projects from 2012 during the month of January. 
As I started to go through my past projects I realized a few things.....
1. I love doing projects! 
2.  I can not wait until flea market season is back!
3.  I have so many new ideas!
4.  I miss the warm weather!!  :) 
This first project is by far one of my most challenging and I have to say the least enjoyable.  The end results though made it so worth it!  I love that I was able to take something that was once a very special table to us, and make it special again! 
You can read about it here:
And here: 


 Everyday when I see this table I smile.  I am so glad I decided to re-finish it instead of sell it.  It is going to be with us a very long time!  :)


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