Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More favorite projects!

This project is by far one of my favorites! 
I found this old door in the trash at a flea market.  So that means it was FREE!!!!
It was pretty dirty and needed some work but I had a vision for it!

I saw this door at a flea market over the summer.  They were asking $250.00!  I thought it was cool, but $250.00???

I knew I could do this myself for much less!

First thing I did was clean my door really well!  (and then cleaned it again!!) You can read about the entire project here:


After the door was clean and the old window film was peeled and scraped off it was ready to be painted.  I decided to go with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence. 
Blue green shutters in the South of France are the inspiration for this colour. Set against walls of any of the whites. Provence needs light and bright fabrics with a Mediterranean and seaside feel. Other paint colours that work with Provence also need to have the same freshness and strength. Of course a cupboard painted Provence looks great against a wall of Old White.

After the paint dried I applied both Annie Sloan clear and dark wax. 
After a failed attempt of attaching a mirror to the front of the glass I decided to go with Krylon Looking Glass Spray.  I love this stuff!!

I put the door outside and spray several thin coats.  Letting each coat dry in between.  

Here is the finished mirror!  It fits perfect on that little wall!  It is so much fun to make things out of old finds!  Especially ones that you find in the trash!  :) 

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