Monday, September 24, 2012

Mirror from an old door....

I have mentioned before that my sister and I have the taken to  garbage picking!  :)  So far only at flea markets.  We have found cool things like an antique typewriter table, old windows, tables, and an old door.  I knew I wanted to create something with the antique door , I was just not sure what. It was pretty dirty too so I was not that anxious to get started on it.
I finally got out in the garage and cleaned the door really well!  I even used bleach on some parts because it WAS in the trash!!  It also had some of that filmy sticky stuff to make the glass obscure.  I had fun peeling that all off!

If and when we ever move I will miss this large open area in my kitchen.  It is where I do all my projects.  It is completely in the way of getting around the house, but it is the most open area we have!
I decided to paint the door with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence Blue.  I love this color.  The buffet I sold was this color so I wanted to have something else this blue.  I painted it with two coats and then waxed it with the clear wax.
I had the bright idea to get a full length mirror and attach it to the front glass to make a full (almost full) length mirror.  Only I could not find the exact size and the one mirror I did find would not stay attached.  I then remembered this mirror.....
This mirror was $250.00
So I decided to use my Krylon Looking Glass Spray and make my own mirror. It took about 5 thin coats of the looking glass spray.  I did this outside.
The glass had some imperfections because of its age.  I like that it makes the looking glass spray look even more vintage.
I really like how it turned out.  And it was FREE!!!!  Minus the $4.00 for the mirror I tried to attached to it originally.  Other than that the door was free, I had the paint, and I had the looking glass spray!  LOVE THAT!!!

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