Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DYI Chevron Rug

I really want to do this project now! 
 My mother in law (Chris) recently bought a home in AZ.  She has been busy doing making it her own.  She is a very talented artist thus making her extremely creative!  Here is her latest creation!
She started with a wool Karastan rug. 
She then started taping chevron stripes.  She measured in the beginning but then just started doing it free hand.
Tearing pieces of painters tape ahead of time helped it go quicker!
Once the design was taped out she started rolling on the paint. This is how it looked with one coat. It is being rolled on with a small foam roller and rolled away from the tape edges.
As far as what kind of paint to use.  She used Sherwin Williams Satin Latex Paint and added her own dry pigment to create her own color. (remember she is an artist!) I do not even know what dry pigment is!  :) 

After rolling two coats, she highlighted it with a second color.
I seriously love this!!!
Here she is hard at work!  :)
She wanted a bit more movement on the rug so she made a stencil and added the cute little yellow swirls.
Here is the finished rug!  After she was done painting it she covered it all with Scotchguard to protect it. 
I think it is an original amazing rug!  I love the colors!  I can not wait to see how it looks in her living room!!
Thank for sharing this Chris! 

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