Friday, September 7, 2012

A pop of orange!

I have been wanting to add a pop orange to my family room for awhile now.  I was just not sure where or how yet. I love orange and have a few pops of it here and there in other rooms. comes one of the coolest days I have had shopping in a long time!  I was in WI with my daughter and her friend visiting family.  My sister Kim took us to a little boutique near her home so the girls could do some school clothes shopping.  Lets just say those girls got some amazing deals that day!!
Turns out the store was going out of business so the deals were awesome.  We got to chatting with the store owner and it turns out she was selling all her stuff in the store!  EVERYTHING!  From art on the walls to chairs, tables, you name it.  Her stuff was mostly from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and was right up our alley!!
Some of the things were just too big but we would have loved to have them.  Kim (since she was quicker than me) ended up getting some chairs that were from Anthro for $25.00 a piece, retail was over $300 a chair!  I was going to fight her for them, but really did not know where I would use them. 
I was very excited for my purchase too.  I got this awesome little metal orange table!  $10.00!  When  I first saw it I actually thought about painting it, but then realized I loved the color!

The table works perfect in my little reading corner.
You just never know where you can find an amazing deal!!  :)


  1. nice, and the bench is great.. thanks again... Jordan loved it

  2. Thanks Tracey! I am so glad you all like the bench! :)