Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Office: Part Two

The Ikea Billy Bookcases were a breeze to put together. Just ask TJ!  :) They fit on the wall just how we pictured it.  Here is the office in phase 2.  It is pretty close to being done.  My next project will be fancying up the bookcases.  I plan to either paint the backs of them, wallpaper with a pretty linen wallpaper, or I am playing with the idea of replacing the backs with beadboard.  I also want to add some molding to beef them up a bit and fill those little holes. 
Here is the room as it is now.....
Here is what went on in that room:

*installed bookcases on back wall. 

*painted the table turned desk in Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue.
This table was our old dining room table and was just sitting in our basement.

*I kept the brown leather chairs, they are comfy and I still really like them!

*Filled the bookcases.  I love books so I am pretty excited to have a place to put them!  I love old and new books so the shelves are filled with both.  I also now have a place to put my special finds! 
*The left side of the cabinets serves as our working area.  The doors hide files, papers, office supplies, and wires etc. 

*The skinny cabinet on the end also holds papers and files etc. It is nice to not have to look at that stuff but to have it within reach!

The row of three glass cabinets above the desk is more space for books and special things! 

This black filing cabinets is great.  We had this in the old room. We have had it for many years, it is from The Bombay Company.    It actually has the look of all the library catalog tables I love!  (even though my little drawers are all faux ones!)
The sunburst mirror is from Homegoods.  I found it in the clearance section. I was planning to paint it but then decided I liked it left alone in its teaky colored wood.  The lamp and lamp shade are from Target.  I got the shade on clearance of course!  I love the pop of color it adds!  The little blue candle holder is from Pier 1.

That little gray table used to be a little brown table in our living room.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.  It is perfect in this room because it 3 drawers for storage! *This room gets a lot of sun, it was hard to take a picture on the window side!

You can read about that table here:


This wall area is one of my favorite spots in the room. The burlap corkboard was a DYI project. You can read about that here:


  The W is from Anthro and I just love it!  Also love those pictures of my kids when they were little!  The heart plaques are from a anniversary trip TJ & I took so have special meaning.  The little gold sunburst mirror just caught my eye at Pier 1 and was perfect for that spot!

I love filling the shelves! It is a mix of special gifts, flea market finds, and old and new books.

This room works so well for us!  Having two spots to work is so nice!  There is so much work space too! (before in my little black work hole I had a teeny tiny spot to work!)  I love having a spot for everything! I am so much more organized! 
 I am going to be having fun with those bookcases! I have a few other projects I need to complete first.  My loft and guest room are currently in a state of chaos!  After that I will tackle those shelves!  :)


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