Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flea marketing with all 3 sisters!

This past Sunday my daughter Bryce & I headed to WI for our annual mother daughter summer trip.  We try to at least once a summer go up just the two of us.  We leave TJ and Brady at home.  This way we can shop and do girls things.  Bryce loves to hang out with all her little cousins so she looks forward to this time!
This year was extra special.  There just so happened to be a flea market in the next town!  Yipee!!!  It is called Maxwell Street Days.  I remember going there as a kid with my friend and her family.  My memory was getting up early to walk around a big rummage sale.  I was not a fan!
Now that I have come to love flea markets I was pretty excited to check this one out.  This time my other two sisters joined us too!  Bryce opted to swim at grandmas which was a very wise choice for her! It was a very hot and sunny day. 

I was not sure what to expect from this flea market.  Here is some of what we saw....

This vendor had a couple of these big tubs full of manikin body parts.  Maybe vintage manikin parts are all the rage now?
I thought this telephone table was fun!

We saw lots of dolls!
I liked this pretty light blue dresser!
I had these lamps in blue when I was little. 
A name plate with someone elses name anyone?

Ok this is something we have never seen before.  A misting tent.  This was pretty cool and much needed!


I always love old doors!

I am from WI so I can say only in WI is there a bar at a flea market!  Actually there were two.  People did walk around with pitchers of beer.  Now offer wine and I am in!  How fun would that be!!
Heather's purchase for the day was this pink umbrella to keep her cool.  She thought everything else was junk!  :)
The top of this blue desk was covered in pennies.  Different.

Fun colors!
Kim found a stroller for the new baby!
He is no Hippie Tom, but we did find a friend!
Fancy manikin!

So that was about it.   I found a few things that I will post about  later.  Kim found a few things too.  I told my sisters Lisa and Heather they could not leave without buying at least one flea market find.  Heather got her (new) umbrella and Lisa said she paid for parking so that was her purchase!  I am not sure if they will join us again, but we sure had fun! 


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