Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our office....part 1

I spend many hours in our office.  I am in here first thing in the morning with my coffee, several times throughout the day and since I am a real estate broker many nights too!   It is a bright sunny room!  It was not always so bright and sunny.  It used to be a pretty dark room.  Lots of dark furniture.  Although looking back at these pictures I did like the room before.  It  just was not functional.  When the cabinet doors were closed and the chairs were in place it was a pretty room. 

But it always looked like this......(with a big chair in front of it)

We bought that black cabinet for our old house.  We did not have a separate den.  We used the cabinet in the living room and it worked great in there.  Back then I was not a realtor, I did not have too much to keep organized.  This cabinet was not working for me now.  I felt like I was working in a black hole!  TJ also does work from home and there was only space for one!
Here are a few more pictures of the den before..

There was a big map picture above this file cabinet.  I had just sold it on craigslist before I took this picture.  The room had an old world feel to it.  (most things were from Bombay Co.)
It was time to make this room more functional!
In comes IKEA....
I had been researching bookcases and found some great reviews on the Billy bookcases from IKEA.  TJ and I went to check them out.
I knew I wanted an entire wall of bookcases.  I wanted the look of built in bookcases, without the built in price!  These guys were the way to go! 

It was pretty neat, we could plan our entire bookcase system out on the computer.  This helped so much!

We decided on white, but that black looks pretty sharp!
We bought: two full bookcase units, one book case unit with  partial glass doors, one half sized bookcase unit, and a row of three top cabinets. 
Everything (except one glass door) was in stock.  We loaded up our car and headed home to start building. 
This actually part fairly easy.  (TJ is good at this stuff)

TJ carved holes in the bottom of the bookshelf for all the cords to feed through.  This worked great.
The wood table in the picture is a dining room table we had in our last house.  It has been stored in our basement for the past 8 years.  I decided to use that as our desk. 

This is a work in progress.....stay tuned!  :)

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