Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vintage wall gallery

A few flea markets ago I came across some vintage prints.  This vendor had pages and pages of old prints from books.  I have not seen her at the flea market since.  I hope she comes back because I would love to buy more!
She was selling the prints for $1.00 each.  I picked out these six.
I had been wanting to do a gallery type wall with botanical prints for some time.  I did not want to buy the prints from a store.  Mainly because of the price and also because I like old flea market stuff! :) Finding these for $1.00 each was perfect!
Here are few beautiful wall galleries....

Emily A Clark



Emily A Clark

house beautiful
I decided to take my prints to Hobby Lobby.  The frames were half off and I did pay to have them professionally matted. I would have done that myself but they did not have six of the same mattes in stock. The frames were $5.00 each and with matting I paid less than $10.00 a picture.  Not bad for a one of a kind vintage print!

Here is another before and after of our dining room:

I love how this little gallery turned out.  It makes me want to try it on a larger wall now!  :)

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