Friday, July 26, 2013

Piano bench project

I have a lot of projects going on right now!  I am finishing up the loft and the guest room.  I have also started the bookcases in the den, which is turning into a really BIG project! 
The piano bench was a fun little project to work on.  I found the bench at a flea market and planned to use it for a bench at the end of the bed in the guest room.  I got it for $20.00.

I decided to go with ASCP in duck egg. I bought this little pot awhile ago.  I used it on my kitchen chairs under Graphite.  I have never used it alone, so was excited to try it.

Since there was no padding on this bench I added my own.  I glued together two of these foam pads.  ($1.99)

I was going to use this gray burlap fabric I already had. Once I had it all stapled on I realized the weave was too loose over the foam pad, the pad showed right through!  Not a good look!


I ran over to Hobby Lobby and for $3.00 bought this chevron fabric.  It is spot on for matching with the Duck Egg paint color.  I stapled that right over the burlap.  

**I left out pictures for that step.  I was able to unscrew the top of the bench.  That made covering it soooo much easier.  I placed the foam pad down.  Stapled the burlap fabric over the foam pad.  Then the chevron fabric over the burlap.  Easy!  Except I had an extra step in there with the burlap!

I used two coats of ASCP and covered it in a coat of clear wax. 

I love the legs on this bench with the gold on the bottoms. 

This little bench will be perfect!  I love little projects like this one.  :)

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