Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Target deals!

I used to live in Target.  When my kids were younger I was there all the time!  I never got out the door without spending $100.00.  I do not go there half of much as I used to.  That is until recently. After finding these lamps for $17.00 each I was pretty excited to see what other deals I could find. I am really liking the Threshold line! 

I love this little footstool.  I had sold our old one on craigslist and was looking for a new one for awhile now.  My sisters (2 of them) actually found this stool in red at their Target in WI.  I loved it and set out to find it.  I ended up finding it in gray/blue which is perfect for our family room. The size is perfect too! I also found it for $11.00, it was regularly $59.99.  Not bad.  I could not pass up the pretty gold candle holder for $7.00 or the turquoise throw blanket for $8.00!  (I sold my old ottoman for more than all the 3 items I bought that day!)


I also found the ottoman in the red.  ($17.00 for this one)  I thought it would be perfect for the loft.  There was something about that woven lamp that I just loved!  $17.00 for the lamp.  I do a slight lamp addiction. 

 Speaking of lamps.... I ran into Target for half and half the other day and came out with another white lamp! (TJ was in the car and just looks at me like I am nuts! :)  It was just sitting on a shelf by itself and marked down to $7.00!  That I could not pass up!  What I spent on all these items was about what I was planning to spend on one new ottoman for our family room.  I love getting deals!! I saw one lady in Target with two carts overflowing with all the Threshold clearance stuff.  She said she was redoing a few rooms.  You can not go wrong when you find what you love for so little!  :)



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