Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some more flea market finds!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!  We have been busy with fireworks, festivals, concerts, etc.  I did manage to get to the Kane County Flea Market for a few hours yesterday.  

My sister Kim is done with flea markets until her baby comes. She was planning to come to this one but it was just too hot. It was sooooo crowded she is lucky she did not!  Boy do I miss flea market shopping with her!
TJ came with me again.  (what a guy!)  This was one of the most crowded Kane County Flea Markets I have ever been too.  It took us about 20 minutes just to park.  The place was packed!  I LOVE flea markets and was actually not loving this one.  Way too many people for me!  I think later in the day the crowds may have thinned out but we were there when it opened. 
It was too difficult to get any pictures because of the crowds.  There was some awesome stuff there though!  (kind of feeling like going back today!)

This is what I had set out to find:

Frames, a bench, and a little table.  (I have a thing for little tables)

Here is what I found:

 I am collecting antique frames and mirrors for a wall gallery idea I have.  I don't want any old frame painted white.  (I can do that myself)  I am looking for unique frames.  This frame is awesome.  The glass on it is convex or is it concave?  Whatever it is I love it! You can't see it in the picture but it slightly domed. 

I talked about these prints in my Gallery Wall post a few days ago.  I had not seen the vendor who sells these at the flea market in awhile. My friend was there yesterday and texted me that this vendor was there and where she was.   Thanks Tammy! :)

I love these bird prints.  They are from the late 1800's and are hand inked I was told.  I love the colors.

I had to get some botanical ones too! 

Have I mentioned how good these pickles are?  We love them! 


I am pretty excited about this little rusty black metal table.  I love that is has shelves. 

I was also looking for a bench.  I want a little bench to put in the guest bedroom.  Most the benches I saw yesterday were already done and pretty pricey.  I wanted a rough cheap one.  This piano bench is perfect.  It has the height I want and it has some storage too.

TJ found this army hat for $5.00.  He needed to keep his head from burning! 

It was a quick trip yesterday but I found what I set out to find.  Love that!  I now have quite a few projects to get started on.  Love that too!

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