Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Annie Sloan!

With the addition of my new china cabinet I have been changing things around.  I was not sure where the cabinet was going to go, but I did manage to find the perfect spot!  A few other things had to go to make it work!
I got this little table from Kirklands years ago!  I have always liked this table.  My sister Kim says it looks like it should walk away.  Ever since she said that I picture that table on stage in Beauty and the Beast!
Anyways, I decided to paint it.  I have wanted to paint it for awhile, the wood color was making it look dated.  I just was not sure what color.  Now since it was getting a new spot in my home I wanted to get it done!  I went to Carter's Cottage and started looking at all the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.  I have quite a collection here, but I wanted a new color!
I decided on French Linen.
French Linen
A cool neutral khaki grey inspired by bleached deep neutral of old pieces of French and Italian furniture. It works beautifully with golds and a range of rich and bright colours such as Emile and Emperor's Silk
I skipped taking pictures of the painting process.  I do this when I get on a painting kick.  I just go and forget to stop along the way!  With this piece I wanted to try something new.  I was told to sand after painting and before waxing.  I have never done this because it scares me!  I started to sand once and it seemed to take off the paint and make it look flat so I stopped. ( I often sand to distress a piece but this sanding is different)   After talking to the owner of Carter's Cottage she explained how she did it,  and all her pieces are so smooth!
I applied two coats of ASCP in French Linen.  (I mixed a small amount of Old White in with the French Linen to make it abit lighter)
Once the second coat was dry I used fine sand paper and sanded away.  This really does change the paint.  Before sanding the surface is chalky (makes sense!)  After sanding it lightens in color a little and is soooo smooth! It actually makes it less chalky looking and much more shiny!  A fine dust of paint comes off but it is not too messy. 
I vacuumed off the dust and wiped the table down.  Then coated it with ASCP clear wax.  I used very small amount of the dark wax on it as well. 
I love how this table feels!  :)
I love the color too!  It is not too gray, it is a neutral light gray just as described.  It is a very pretty color!
I moved this guy into our office/den.  It is perfect in this room! 
This was a fun project!  I like the color French Linen so much I am looking something else to paint this color!  :)

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