Monday, June 24, 2013

White lamps!

I was in Target a few weeks ago and saw these lamps and immediately had to check them out.  This is not the best picture, but I just loved this white lamp.  It was $59.99.  Not a bad price but I was not in the market for lamps so kept walking. (that is hard for me to do!)


A week later I was in Target again and saw the lamp and again had to check it out.  It was on clearance now for $34.00.  Not bad......
A few days ago I was shopping and saw the lamp again.  This time the lamps were down to $17.00!  Now that is a deal! These are heavy nice lamps! (they had 3 left at this time)   I decided to think a little more and come back.  I went back early the next morning and  only 1 lamp was left!!  I needed two!
Then I saw a lady with MY two lamps in her cart! I stayed around her for awhile in case she decided to put them back.  She did not.  ( I probably creeped her out too!)
 I grabbed the one lamp and had customer service check other stores and the Target down the street had another one.  Whew!  So long story short I now own the two white lamps I had my eye on for weeks.  I paid $34.00 instead of $120.00. 
I think I got a pretty great deal on these lamps!  Here are a few similar.  
Jonathan Adler Nelson-$395.00
Lamps Plus -$213.00
Pottery Barn-$129.00
 These are the lamps I had in my family room. (sorry for the blurry pic!)  I bought them a few years ago from Pottery Barn.  I still like them so will to try and find another spot for them.   
Here are the new lamps....


I love these lamps! 

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