Friday, October 5, 2012

Mixing up my light fixtures.

Musical light fixtures.....

We lived with the builders light fixtures for a long time.  We picked them all out so we did like them.  We chose a brown metal color. (of course brown!!)   And of course one day I decided I wanted some new light fixtures in my kitchen.  I felt the ones we had were too kitcheny!  So I went out and realized that light fixtures are expensive!!  I decided then to use what I have and switch some things around. 
This is the original light that was over our table.
And this is the light fixture in the kitchen over the island.
I had one extra light fixture from my project in my dining room. 
Read about my $5.00 drum shade pendant here.

Now that I look at that dining room light fixture it looks like way too many crooked little shades to me!!

TJ took down both kitchen light fixtures and I got to work.   The first thing I did was decide on a paint color. 

I decided on Rust-Oleums Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I hung the light fixtures on a ladder outside and painted them both. Very simple!  I had pictures of this step but they were lost with the computer crash.

I decided to use the light from the eat in area for over the kitchen island.  I always thought it looked way too small here anyways.  I also knew I was going to lose those frosted shades!

I found these seeded glass shades at Home Depot.  I knew they were perfect!!
So after a few coats of rubbed oil bronze spray paint, some fun round little light bulbs, and some new glass shades it went from this:
To this....



Here is the light fixture in the dining room
After it was sprayed with the rubbed oil bronze paint.


I decided to not use the shades.  (I actually ended up selling them on ebay for $50.00!)  I went with the little round bulbs instead.  I love those!



So here is the run down.  I re used both light fixtures.  Spent $5.00 on the drum fixture in the dining room.  The spray paint was $5.00.  The seeded glass shades were about $35.00.  I sold the chandelier shades for $50.00 on ebay so I ended up making $5.00 on this project! :)

The best part is I love my new lights.  They are all original and I love that about them!



  1. Hi DEb
    Awesome project. I can't find those shades at HD, the ones they sell are 5" x 5" and more bell shape. (if you google seeded replacement shade you will see the one I'm talking about, it's all there is!!) Can you tell me the dimensions of yours?

  2. Hi! The glass shades do measure 5x5. They are also more narrow at the bottom. The ones you found online do sound like the ones I have. They might just look different in the pictures! Let me know if they work for you! :)