Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 I hope everyone had a great weekend! (It is now Tuesday, but I had planned to post on Monday, just ran out of time!) 

Ours was BUSY!  TJ & I went to our 25 year high school reunion on Friday.  We had so much fun catching up with everyone!  We stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast in Cedarburg, WI.  We both grew up minutes from Cedarburg, but never appreciated the town until we moved away.  (ok, I appreciate it more than TJ)  We spent a great Saturday morning checking out the shops. 
Funny thing is a few days before we went to Cedarburg I got this in the mail:
In this November/December issue there was an article about Cedarburg. 
This first picture looks like a Christmas story book or a post card!  The building on the far right is the Washington House Inn.  That is the B&B we stayed at.  Our rooms was right above the two front doors, so we had a great view of the beautiful street!  Next door there is an awesome little shop that has amazing candy apples!  
Christmas in Cedarburg is beautiful!
See the sign at the top that says tea by the glass?  We stopped in this store, it is called Weeds.  I fell in love with this shop!  When we first walked in we were offered a hot cup of tea.  It was the perfect thing for a cool morning!  The store has jars and jars of herbals teas.  If anyone watches the show Grimm  (one of our favorite shows) it reminded me of the Spice Shop!  :) Anyways, they had a tea for anything that ails you!  I bought a few different herbals teas, and they are awesome! Actually enjoying them more than my usual coffee!
Everything is natural, organic, recycled, etc.  I also bought some of their natural soaps and those are great as well.  It was such a neat shop!
I also found a great shop that was right up my alley.  It is called Stacia's.  Kind of like a flea market store. We walked in and TJ said it looks like a store I would have!  Maybe some day!!
Cedarburg also has a one screen theater called  the Rivoli.  As kids,  this is where we went for movies for $1.00.  This is how it looked back then:
Mark Kokta

 It is a bit more fancy now!


Cedarburg also has the Cedar Creek Winery.  We love to stop in there to wine taste! 

You can also find cute places to eat, have coffee, shop, etc.

Funny how soooo many years later coming back to Cedarburg makes us feel like we are someplace far away.  Not a town we grew up next to!  I am looking forward to my next trip back!  :)


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