Monday, October 1, 2012

Elkhorn Flea Market....

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather here was amazing!!!

Sunday I spent the entire day at the Elkhorn Flea Market with Kim.  Last one of the year.  Bummed about that!!!  It was a loooooong exhausting day once again but I loved every minute of it! 

 Here we go!! Ready to shop!!!

Fall flea markets have amazing mums, pumpkins, veggies, and I even found broom corn for a great price!
I love the two colors!
Not sure what to do with that old birdcage?  Stick a plant in it!

I have been seeing so much antique fiesta ware!
This antique TV was $850.00.  Wow!!
An old bubbler.  I remember when I moved to WA I got off the plane and asked where the bubbler was?  Not a sole knew what I talking about!  Still cracks me up!
Pretty cool old library index card cabinet.  I love this stuff!
I really like this orange metal stand.  I think it would be great in a kitchen!
We LOVE this vendors things!  LOVE!!  Very industrial and very hip!! 
Brady used to have one of these.  No idea why we ever got rid of it!!
Fire stuff is in.  I should start selling TJ's old fire coats!!!
I have been seeing a lot of these pitchers.  Pretty pricey though, but they catch my eye!
  See the old face powders?  The old brushes and combs remind me of my Grandma Peterson.
More old brushes and mirrors etc.  I have never seen these at a flea market before.

Grab some vintage Ivory soap and you are all set!!
I even manage to get my hair done at flea markets!  My parents used to have one of these, not quite this fancy though!!  :)
Kim's husband has been training for the marathon and is getting a bit thin!  :)
I learned this is how brussel sprouts come.  I never knew that!!
Hippie Tom!  Kim and I are trying out those soy candles he sells.   He was pretty busy but he managed to sign a pic for us!

This table was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Barcelona.  I have been wanting to see this color.   I think it looks awesome!
This table caught my eye.  Price?  $1250.00!!!!
Cool clock!
Fun colors!
So I have talked about our garbage picking before.  Well we were walking around and it was getting to be that time.  Garbage time.  We saw this little (similar to the above) old wash board sitting in the trash.  Kim asked if I wanted it and I thought for a few minutes and then thought it would be really cute in our laundry room.  I grabbed it and we kept walking.  Next thing I know I hear a lady yelling "did she take that?"  Then she starts running after us shouting that we stole the old wash board!!!  I was shocked and a little embarassed!  I tried to tell her it was in the garbage and she kept pointing at the price and saying "no it is $5.00!"  It was SO in the trash!  Maybe she saw me take it and decided it was worth trying to sell again!  It was alittle Awk as my daughter would say!!
That's my sold sticker!  :)
This is when I usually show you the pickup truck chocked full of our finds.  We had our first flea market mishap so that did not happen.  Kim bought some super cool metal drawers and we wrote down the item and the # of the booth like we always do to pick up at the end.  The drawers were our last thing to pick up and it was booth #1250 according to our notes.  After driving around at least 1.5 hrs we never ever saw #1250, or the vendor, or her drawers.  This has never happened to us before.  
 We think the guy gave us the wrong booth # and then maybe got tired of waiting for us?  No idea but we were going crazy trying to find him so by the end we were both so tired we just wanted to go home! Hence no picture!
Here are some of my finds.....
Mercury glass,  some cool brown bottles, an old metal bin.  Those books were in the trash.  Who throws away books???
I love that little rusty bird.  See the long wood thing?  It is from Mexico.  It is used to make sugar cane.  The vendor showed us the sugar cane that comes from the molds.  She goes to Mexico and brings these back, they are all stamped from customs.  I love that they are the real thing.  I have seen similar ones at stores for much more.  These were $35.00.  I am going to use it for candles!
I got the wrought iron rusty hooks in the garbage.  Anthro sells these.  I think they could be cool.
I am pretty excited about this table too.  I love the bottom!
So all in all  it was a great day.  We bumped in to some friends who found some awesome stuff too!
A few more things we learned.......
*Get our butts out of bed earlier and get there first thing. Like wait in line bright and early first thing!  We are missing some good stuff!
*Again-invest in some kind of cart or wagon!!
*be very accurate when listening and writing down where we leave things we have paid for!!!
Other than it was another successful flea market with my sista!  Love that we get to spend this time together!!

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