Thursday, October 25, 2012

On a chair hunt.....

Do you ever notice that one project can snowball in to many many more projects?? That is basically the story of my life!  I guess that is why I named my blog my ever changing home! 
After I re finished my kitchen table I decided to mix up the chairs a bit.  The first thing I did was post my old chairs on craigslist.  In the past I would have just bought new ones, but the new me is trying to do things the smarter less wasteful way. 
I started off by listing the 4 black leather chairs around the table and they sold the next day!  Now I just listed the black leather bar stools.  I decided to just start fresh!  I also listed another 6 chairs I had in our basement that were sitting there doing absolutely nothing! 
In the meantime I took a trip to Carter's Cottage. I went for paint and came home with these.
There was just something about these little antique chairs!  Most of the furniture in Carter's Cottage is painted in Annie Sloan paint, so when I saw these chairs just screaming to be re done I had to get them.  I paid only $35.00 for the pair! 
I also got my paint.....
First I bought Graphite...
Graphite is a soft black made with purplish blues and brown and is not completely black. When waxed it becomes a beautiful black like dark slate.
I am so excited to try this color.  This is what I have planned for those two little chairs.
Carter's Cottage is now selling ascp in smaller 4 oz pots for $14.95 each.   Perfect way to try out a color!
So....since I have been wanting to try Barcelona Orange since the day it came out this was the perfect way to do it!

Barcelona Orange
Think of a large ripe orange and this is the colour of Barcelona Orange. Apply dark wax and the colour becomes a luscious burnt orange. Its warmth and vivacity is a great accompaniment to neutral tones such as our greeny sludge colour, Chateau Grey or to the cool silveriness of Paris Grey as well as Aubusson Blue, its deep complementary partner. It is perfect for many interiors but particularly with the 1960s vintage look
I also love Duck Egg Blue and I am not sure why I have not purchased it before.  It is a beautiful color.  I am thinking of working it in with the Graphite on the chairs somehow.

Duck Egg BlueA greenish soft blue reminiscent of Rococo French and Swedish interiors. It looks wonderful and fresh with Old White, used over Chateau Grey and Aubusson Blue
So now I have two new (old) chairs to work on, some fun paint to try out, and a kitchen table with no chairs. 
In my mind I am seeing a mix of industrial and vintage??  Two of my favorite looks!  Stay tuned.... :)

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