Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is important to you in a home?

Being a realtor I see many homes.  Many many many homes!  I can honestly say I can find the good in any home.  (ok almost any home)  I can see through just about anything to make that house a home! 
Being a realtor also sometimes makes it difficult to not want to move!  I see some great homes!
Our current home is about 3700 square feet.  At the time we were building this home a large family space was our main objective!  We wanted a large foyer, 4 bedrooms, a large kitchen, an office...... We wanted a place for our kids to hang out with their friends. This home has all that.  We love our home, but we also know this is not our forever home.  I feel so fortunate to be here right now but with our kids getting close to college age we know we want less!  I never thought I would say I want less!  But we do see ourselves downsizing at some point. 
So that gets me thinking.  What is important in a home?  This is one of the first things I ask a client upon house hunting. TJ and I have been talking about this lately and feel we have learned alot over the years of what works for us and what doesn't.
Here is some of what I have come up with........
First is a mudroom/laundry room.  When we built this home I was so happy to have a mudroom.  But ours is small.  Really small.  I am not complaining I am happy to have this little room, but in our next home I would like it abit larger. 
Now I know eventually I won't have kids coming in and out of this room with backpacks, sport bags, muddy shoes etc.  (sniff sniff) I still want a room I can work in.  I would love to be able to fold clothes in my laundry room.  A window would be awesome!  We also have two dogs so a room they could eat in and hang out in if they are muddy would be great.  Maybe even a wash tub we can bathe then in! 
Also in the future we are hopefully going to have lots of grandchildren.  This next house will for sure have them in mind.  TJ & I can not wait (ok yes we can wait) but are very excited to someday be grandparents.  Being able to spoil our grandchildren and watch their activities and have them for weekends will be heaven!  So we for sure have that in mind for our next home!
 Here are a few pretty mudrooms rooms! 
This old house
Country Living
Country  Homes and Interiors


A private office is a must have.  We have an office now but it is WIDE open!  Both TJ & I need a quiet work space. Here are a few cool ideas for doors to close off a work space.

brooklyn home company

no source

hutker archtechs

feldman architechs




Bet I can find some great barn doors!!!

I love my kitchen.  The space is great BUT in my next kitchen I am loving this......




Bright white cheerful kitchens! I actually would like a kitchen a little smaller than the one we have, less to clean!

I have always wanted a large front porch.  We love to be outside. Sitting on a large front porch sipping lemonade is something I someday want to do!

These are all from Better Homes and Gardens

Ok I do not need such a grand porch, but I would love a larger one. 

If we ever do move we know what is important to us.  A larger entrance area off the garage, a quiet spot for us to work, a bright and sunny kitchen, a front porch to relax on. 

We also have visions of a large dining room so our kids and grandkids can come for all the holidays.  We also see a space for our grandkids to play and call their own.  A home to me is family.

For now we LOVE our home.  It is everything we wanted.  We also know that at some point we will not need all this space.  A cozy little house may be on our horizon in the years to come.  It is fun to think about it! 

What is important to you in a home?


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