Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dressing up your candles.

DYI twig candle holders.....
I saw this idea on Pinterest and could not wait to try it. 
I had a few projects going on that day, so my house had stuff everywhere!  (nothing new!!)  So I found a little spot on the carpet to work. 

I already had everything for this project.  The glass candle holder is from Homegoods.  This is the best store to find these.  They usually have several sizes and they are a few dollars each.  The glass is also really thick and nice.
Next I needed sticks.  I had these silver ones already too.  They are cut from our red twigged dogwood.  I cut them last fall and spray painted the sticks silver to put in my Christmas pots.  I have used them for several things since.  I just cut them to the size of the glass candle holder, I did not measure since I wanted them all a little different.
This project was a little too messy for working on the carpet so I moved to the kitchen!  Hot glue works perfect for this. The blog says to use e-6000 but when I did this the sticks kept sliding down.
 I just randomly glued the sticks around the glass.  (while my son was next to me applying to colleges, this project was very therapeutic for me!!  :)

You do not have to try that hard to fit the sticks to each other.  It is best if there is a little space so you can see the candle flicker.  Makes it cozy!!
I knew the perfect spot for this little candle.  I had a candle break on our tub when I was cleaning it,  so this fit in that spot perfectly.  The silver goes great in there too.
I plan to make a few more of these.  Once the leaves are all off our trees I would like to do some with the natural twigs and do some different sizes too.  It would look awesome as a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving!! Also I love the idea of a few on the fireplace mantel!
You can have fun with this little project!


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