Monday, October 8, 2012

Kane County Flea Market!

Happy Monday!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was packed full of football games, baseball games, TJ running part of the Chicago marathon to cheer on his friend, birthday parties, lots of sleepovers, our anniversary and The Kane County Flea Market!  (it was a 4 day weekend here so we were able to pack all that in!) 
On Saturday TJ and I celebrated 22 years together!  We are going to go away in a few weeks, this weekend was just too busy.  Our day was spent getting up bright and early for Brady's baseball game.  There was a 2 hour break before his second game AND  lucky for us the flea market was only 10 minutes away! 
This was probably my quickest trip to a flea market, but we still managed to see everything.  It helped that there was not a lot of vendors there.  Not sure why.
TJ could not wait to get in there!!!!  :)

I am starting with the gross stuff.... I have never seen this before!  They sell animal parts!!  Some animal parts say high quality & some say low quality.  All kinds of animals and all kinds of parts.  Maybe I am missing something, but what would you do with these???

How cool is this?!
A dirty old bathtub? 
Pretty painted frames!
I love all the old fans.  I was almost tempted to get another one. 
Absolutely LOVE this table!!!!
Visions of the lady chasing me yelling that I stole her washboard haunted me!!!

Beautiful kitchen island.  Even comes with a man drinking a coke!!
I thought this was a cute idea for an old ladder!  The candles are flameless. 
I had this exact hanging light in my bedroom growing up.

This old dresser says make an offer on it.  The more I look at it, it is pretty neat!
I love fall!
We have a pile of these at home!!
I thought this display was so pretty.  I love the wire baskets over the candles. 
 I would really like to buy some of these but the prices are crazy high!!
This door caught my eye.  It is labeled a door shelf and it was SOLD.  I am not sure about this, maybe a few more shelves?
Very cool metal table and blue chairs!
Awesome blue industrial cart!
Even though it was a quick day, I managed to find a few things.  I fell in love with this little vintage table.  It is from the 1920's.  The wood is in excellent condition.  TJ spotted the milk glass bell, so cute!  Also I had to get another soy candle, these are the best I have found!
Not too bad for a quick trip!! 

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