Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kane County Flea Market!

 I  just spent 2 wonderful days at the Kane County Flea Market!  Yesterday my daughter and I went with our friends & today I went solo.  (my sister Kim could not make it up for this trip)  The weather was OK, no rain but a little chilly.  I am not complaining though, it was perfect for walking around!

 I was actually not in the market for anything in particular this time.  That is a new one for me!  I actually just took it all in.  Now I have lot and lots of ideas!  Here is just a sampling of all the cool stuff I saw!

I saw two pretty cool girls!  My daughter Bryce and her friend. 

I love all the old door knobs......

  and the blue mason jars!  I bought a few and now wish I would have bought more!  (that always happens to me!)

I love all the vintagey white displays!  (not sure if vintagey is a word!)

I had planned to get some wire baskets like these.  The round ones are egg baskets and the square ones are milk.  They were about $40 a piece, I thought that was a bit much!  I will keep looking!

                             White pitchers and old baking stuff!    


This vendor has parts from an old building in Chicago.  I think the casters are pretty neat!

I kept looking at this old cabinet, it is so pretty!


Crates, crates, and more crates!!                       


I was happy to see Carter's Cottage was at the flea market.  I love looking at all the Annie Sloan Chalk paint colors.   They do such a great job on all their pieces!


I could not leave without buying some chalk paint.  I got Old Ochre.  I am so excited for my next project!!!

I also found these pretty antique french pictures.  I got both for $5.00! I think I am going to put them on my bookshelves. 

 So all in all it was a pretty good weekend flea marketing! While usually I come home with a car load of stuff, this time I came home with a brain full of ideas instead!  :)  I can not wait to get started!



  1. Very cute stuff Debbie! I wish I had an eye for things like this I just don't know where to

  2. You will have to come to the flea market with us! :)