Friday, April 20, 2012

My first furniture refinishing project!!

This is one project I have been putting off.  I have never refinished furniture before, just painted it.  I have to give you a little background into this cabinet first.  I had been looking for something to put our TV on.  I wanted a dresser or a buffet of some sort.  And of course once I started looking I could not find a thing.  I went to WI to hang out with my family for the day and went into a large antique store near my sister's house.  The place is HUGE.  I was on a mission to find the right piece.  We had my kids and my sister's little kids so it was not a stress free search!  When everyone had almost run out of patience we saw this dresser.  It was in the very back corner of the store with stuff stack on top of it and all around it.  I looked at the tag and it said $60.00!!  We thought we were reading it wrong so we asked and it indeed was $60.00!  Now was the fun part.  The store only moves out furniture on certain days of the week.  And of course it was not on the day we were there.  We were heading back to IL that day so I wanted it then!  If we could move it ourselves I could take it that day.  Where there is a will there is a way is my motto!!!!  My daughter watched all the little ones and my son, sister, and I started digging out the dresser.  Once we did that we had to get it through some very tight isles to get it out.  It was alittle nuts to say the least.  BUT we did it and even hoisted it into my car.  Since the dresser was so packed in there I did not notice its many imperfections.  I was ok with that though for the price!

Both sides looked like this. 

The top was a mess.  It had the thickest coat of polyurethane on it I had ever seen.  And it was not in good shape.  I borrowed my friends orbital sander and started going to town.  My mistake was I started it in the house since I could not move it outside myself.  Not a very neat project!

You can see here all the small chips and weird bubble areas.

When my husband got home he helped me get it out to the garage.  There I sanded forever and finally got it down to bare wood!

Once it was sanded and wiped clean I started staining it.  I used Minwax Red Oak.  I loved how it was turning out!  I then put a few THIN coats of poly on the top.

Since the sides were so bad I decided to go with new wood.  I went to Home Depot and they cut me two pieces of oak that were the perfect thickness to fit right in.

I stained both them with the same Minwax Red Oak.

Here is how it turned out. 

I then gave Old English Scratch Cover a try and it was awesome.  I used it on the areas I did not refinish.  It filled in all the little chips and scratches and really made it shine! 

I was having an issue on where to put the cable box and DVD player.  My husband came up with the idea to make the top 3 drawers into flip openings so we could put all the wired stuff in there.  GENIUS!

This is by far one the my favorite projects.  While it was not much fun to do, I am soooooo pleased with how it turned out!  I think it is a pretty cool piece of furniture for $60.00 and alittle love!  :)

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