Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Some Orange!

Since I have become braver with color I decided to add some pops of orange in our home.  I love the look of turquoise with orange!  I did not want a bright neon orange so I did some research. I was looking for a warmer toned down orange.

I found this:

It is Valspar Satin La Fonda Copper.  I found it at Lowe's.

I decided to start with a small project just in case.  I found this little unfinished mirror at IKEA for $2.99.  Perfect!

This project was so easy.  I put some foil on the mirror and sprayed painted away.  Since the wood was unfinished it took a few coats to cover.  After it dried I used some fine grit sand paper and sanded the edges.

  In all it cost less then $4.00.  I only used a small amount of paint. 

I like how the mirror adds a pop of color on our office wall.  I am now thinking of using the La Fonda Copper on something outside!  Just not sure what yet......

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