Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Corn Crop Feeder Machine Gear Mirror~

Corn crop feeder machine gear mirror anyone????? 

 While I was at the flea market in Elkhorn, WI I saw these little mirrors that I loved!  They were rusty,old, and pretty cool!  I asked about the price and the vendor said $18.00 each.  Now, at flea markets my sister Kim and I have names for vendors when we are there.  Not mean names, just names to help us remember who had what in case we want to go back.  Examples are.... the naked guy, (even though he wears clothes now) white lady, (everything she has is painted white), the sisters, (they were so much fun, they related to us sisters so well)  Anyways the list goes on and as you can see it is not very original, but it works.  Well the seller of the little mirrors has been dubbed the expensive lady.  She would not budge on any of her prices and she was priced high.  I loved all her things but she would not move!  I thought $18.00 for the mirror was high especially since I wanted several.  She said she made them by hand and they took some time to make.  I talked myself out of the mirrors.

A few weekends later I was at the Kane County Flea Market and I saw a pile of rusty gears laying on the ground. I asked the vendor about them and she said they were old corn crop feeder machine gears.  She had piles of them.  They were the EXACT thing expensive lady made her mirrors out of!  Price for these gears?  $2.00 each!  I bought a bunch!  :)

 This was a very simple project.  I bought the mirrors at Hobby Lobby.  They came in a package of two and were $2.00 with a coupon!

I did experiment with glue, the best glue for this is called E-6000.  It is really strong glue and it dries clear.  I squeezed a thin line of glue around the edge of the gear and placed the mirror on top. I let it sit awhile to be sure it bonded.

I glued a pop can top to the back of the mirror so I could hang it.

I like it as a candle holder too!

So if I would have bought the mirrors from the expensive lady I would have spent $108.00 for six.  I made six of them and spent a total of $18.00 for all!  I think I like my deal better!  :) 

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