Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My sister's flea market finds!

  While we were celebrating Easter in Wisconsin, I managed to get a few pictures of my sister's house.  I wanted to share some of her really cool projects! 

This is the table I mentioned in my last post.  The metal frame is an antique wash tub.  She bought the empty tub and had a vision for a table. 

She had bought a few pieces of barn wood at another flea market.  She was not sure what she was going to do with it at the time.  She ended up using that for the wash tub table. She cut a piece of the wood in half and fit it into the wash tub.  Usually she has pretty stuff on the table, but we were in such a hurry taking the pictures we forgot to show how it looks all pretty!

Now this industrial table is MY FAVORITE!  I also love how she got the table.  It was a really hot day at the flea market and the man who was selling it was practically naked!  We were a little creeped out by this.  BUT the naked man sold her the industrial cart for $8.00 so we were OK with him! Again she had a vision for this table. I love the light wood with the metal!

****don't mind the little shoes on the floor.  Kim has little kids so we were just kicking stuff out of our way!  :)****

I also love the little orange metal stool! 

 This next idea I am stealing!  I think it is so cute.  She took an antique frame and added twigs from her yard.  She used a staple gun to attach the twigs to the back of the frame.  I think it looks great with her wall color!

Here is just a cute little table she painted blue!

   This chair was brown with a rattan seat.  She spray painted it white and used some really pretty fabric.  Love it!

This is just a quick snapshot my sister's flea market finds.  When she unloads her car it looks like a huge pile of junk (which I guess it kind of is....) but the end product is so neat!  I love that it is all original and sooooo creative!

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