Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kane County Flea Market.....

Flea Market season is in high gear around here!  This past weekend was the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles.  Kim could not make it up here for this one.  I had a pretty jammed packed weekend myself so was only able to go for a few hours. TJ went with me this time so it was a much different flea market kind of day.  More of a quick look because I know he really does not want to be there kind of day.  Although he does not complain!  :)

Crates are everywhere now.  We used to have to search high and low for these things.  Now you see piles of them!  Sad part is some vendors started charging $40 plus for one crate!  I can usually find them still for under $10.00.  Found a few free ones too!

Love these blue bottles.  This vendor is my favorite bottle guy.  He knows something about every bottle.  (at least he says he does, and I believe him!)

These bottles are old whiskey flasks from the early 1800's.  They were found in the mining areas.  I had to get a few of these!  I love the amber color.

Dog beds! 

Got to see a carpet cleaning demo.  This stuff is called Awesome and is a chemical free cleaner. It actually seemed to really work! Probably would not have stopped to watched this with my sister, we are always on a mission!!  Stopped to smell the flowers today!

I thought these little tables were pretty cute!  Love the blue one!

I had to buy this!  I usually do not buy things that are already made, I like to do it myself.  But I do not sew.... AT ALL!  TJ does any sewing that needs to be done around here.  I did not think he was up for making me a burlap table runner with lace!

I always have liked these signs.  Perfect for a guys space! Kind of a vintagy sporty sign-perfect!

Pretty colors!

This vendor has really cool industrial stuff.  These letters are made from old metal signs.  See the letter B???  Could not pass that up for the finishing touch on Bryce's bedroom!!

TJ hit if off with the pickle guy.  These pickles are from Gramp's Gourmet Pickles and are soooo good!  See, there is something for everyone at a flea market!!  :)

OK, these wood things are pretty cute.  They actually caught my eye, especially the blue one.  When I looked at the price I was shocked!  $299.00 for one!  Maybe a lot of work went in to making these, but this is from the same guy who charges $40.00 for an old crate!  Not a fan!

I think this kitchen island is beautiful!! I would love something like this in my kitchen!

It definitely was not a hard core flea marketing day.  It was more a quick get in and check it out day.  Busy weekends will do that to you!  I did find a few cool things though!  LOVE the B for Bryce's room!   I got the pretty burlap table runner and the old whiskey bottles too. 

I got them for $4.00 each. 

And do not forget the awesome pickles!  TJ found some homemade lava hot BBQ sauce from Two Fat Guys out of McHenry, IL. as well.  Pretty good stuff!

I have quite a few projects going on right now.  Can't wait to show you!!!

Stay cool out there!!!

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  1. Hi, I missed this past weekends flee market but love the yellow furniture that you displayed as a kitchen island. Do you have information on that dealer so I can contact them?