Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello and welcome to our kitchen.....

Although our kitchen gets a lot of natural light it still seemed dark to me. It faces west so can actually get very bright. But there was a great deal of "dark" in this room with the countertops, cabinets and floors etc.  I think it is interesting how your taste can change so much over the years.  We built this house so we picked out all the dark stuff. We had a green laminate counter too.  It did not look green on the 2x2 sample piece, we thought it was gray! We have since replaced the counters. We did not mind the green, it just was not what we had in mind and it looked pretty bad with the cabinets.

Some of my favorite projects in the kitchen are:
*The two repurposed light fixtures * My blue island!
* My SUPER good deal on new appliances!
*New cabinet hardware. 

I still want to make some changes to the dining area.  Maybe lightened up the table with some Annie Sloan?? The table that is we use now is very dark and shows every little scratch, water mark, and spec of dust!  I am not a big fan!

As you can see we do not have much wall space in here. I have tried several different paint colors in here from red to light green to a terra cotta color and then went back to the original color which is Sherwin Williams Camelback. Sometimes I need to leave well enough alone! I love this paint color, it is in many rooms in our home. It is a great neutral!


This island is my favorite part of the kitchen! My husband was a little concerned when I started but I think has grown to like it??  I will post some before and afters soon!  Easy and inexpensive! 

As I look at the pictures in my post the color ORANGE is popping in my head!  Hmmmm wonder where I can add some orange!  Stay tuned...... :)


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