Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's favorite flea market find!

It seems lately Friday is coming faster and faster!  The weeks are flying by!  Things sure have been busy here!  Between the busy end of the school year, sports, and I am happy to report busy real estate market I am running like crazy.  Love it like this! 

 So here is Friday's favorite flea market find! I think I say this about all my finds, but this is one of my true favorites!  I was on the hunt for a new coffee table.  We were using a leather ottoman as our coffee table and while it worked fine, there was way too much brown leather going on in that room.  So we moved that to another room and I started searching.  I knew what I wanted, I wanted barn wood.  My sister Kim and I (and a couple of our kids) were at the Kane County Flea Market.  Now let me tell you, when you are on a mission you usually do not find what you are looking for.  It just works that way for some reason!

We were there for hours and hours and I was losing hope of finding the perfect coffee table.  Then I saw it!

I knew I was buying it as soon as I saw it!  It was exactly what I had in my mind!  The vendor who was selling it made furniture out of reclaimed barn wood.  He had some really cool things.  Another neat part is he has a photo album of the barn that the wood came from.  This barn wood is from an old barn in WI. 

This table is so solid!

The bottom has little wheels, perfect!

Now lets talk about price.  I got this table for $90.00!  I think that is an awesome price for a one of a kind hand made solid wood table!  Funny thing is I got this table last summer.  Since then I visit this vendor every time I am at the Kane County Flea Market.  Although his furniture is AMAZING nothing is anywhere close to $90.00 anymore.  I like to think that I got his last deal before he got famous!  His stuff sells for 3X that now and he always has a crowd. 

One of the fun parts of a flea market is figuring out how to get the piece out and in your car.  You are kind of on your own for this.  Luckily for me this had wheels, but I still had to wheel it out pretty far through many isles.  Then fit it in my car with the many other things I found that day.  BUT where this is a will there is a way and we ALWAYS make it work!  :)

Our dog Cubby loves the table too!  See how excited he is!

Excuse the dog bone on the carpet!

                  Have a great weekend!          

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