Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Favorite Flea Market Find!

Happy Friday!  We are having a perfect spring day here today!  Love this weather!

  I have such a hard time picking a favorite flea market find, I pretty love them all!  Today's though is my ABSOLUTE  favorite one!  My husband TJ had gone to the Kane County Flea Market with me that day I found this. We did a quick walk through and I found a few little things.  Then as we were leaving I saw this.....

When I spotted this I knew I wanted it and where I was going to put it.  A really nice older man was selling it, he had some really great things!  I ended up getting this dresser for $90.00! I love everything about it.  I love the wheels on the bottom, the curve of the drawers, and the color of the wood.  TJ actually liked it too, that does not always happen!  On a side note.....TJ and my brother in law (Kim's husband) sometimes don't get what we find.  Our things have been called firewood, kindling, junk...... but in the end I know they always like what we create from it! :)

Ok back to the dresser... The coolest part is on the bottom there is a little order ticket.  It says who the dresser was made for and where they lived.  It says it was made in August of 1909!  How cool is that?

Have a great weekend!!!! 

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