Sunday, March 11, 2012

A very special place~

My most cherished wall.......

When we first moved in our house I had two pictures on the stairs of fall leaves. I liked the pictures, but one day I decided I wanted to look at something that meant something to me! I decided to do a picture gallery!

I gathered up some very special family pictures and brought them to Target to have them made into black and white photos.  I had quite a few frames already so I just had to buy a few.  I hung them in no particular order.  I am not one to measure so I just kind of put them up there! Now it has become a wall filled with family and it means the world to me!

This window on the ledge is from a flea market in WI.  It was $5.00.  I decided to give it the look of mercury glass so I gave Krylons Looking Glass Spray a try.  I love it!  It is $12.00 at Hobby Lobby for a small bottle, but alittle goes a long way.  (and you can use a 40% off coupon on it as well)

It is very easy to use.  I sprayed the backside of the glass in thin layers.  I did about 5 layers.  It dried very fast in between layers.  Then I took a spray bottle filled with water and vinegar and sprayed right on the painted glass.  (after it was dry)  I took paper towel and rubbed random spots to give it the mercury glass look.  

These awesome mirrors are from Anthropologie for $698.00.  I love them! 

This mirror is from Pottery Barn and is so pretty!  It is $599.00

Here is mine again and it was under $10.00!  Love that even more!  :)

                      This really is my favorite wall in our home!

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