Saturday, February 18, 2012

On to the next room......

This is our family room.  It is for sure the most used room in our home!  This room has gone through many changes through out the years.  It started out very brown, then moved to red, then back again to very brown.  If anyone would have ever told me I would add BLUE I would have said no way!  Now I can not get enough blue!!

My sister and I had a war over this antique lamp at the flea market.  I won! :)

My favorite thing in this room is the dresser turned TV stand. 
If furniture could talk that little white table would sure have a story! It started out sad and worn and was almost forgotten at the flea market. (and did I mention it was brown!)  I bought it and planned to go back for it when our day was over.  My sister and I totally forgot where the table was and spent hours searching for it.  FINALLY the vendor found us because he wanted to go home!  All that for a $20.00 table and I just love it! 

Old crate for fire wood!

This little table was a fun project too!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. So funny! I never thought that I would add blue either but we just painted and my accent wall is a beautigul blue...and of course

    1. Sounds pretty! It is funny how our taste changes! I think blue is a calming color, I just love it!