Sunday, February 26, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint........I love it!

I had been looking for quite some time for the perfect piece to replace this buffet.  Nothing was wrong with the buffet, I just wanted something that had some more character.  I sold this piece on craigslist and went on a hunt.

I knew exactly what I wanted which made it even harder to find. I scoured many antiques stores and flea markets and did not see what I was looking for. Then one day My sister and I had spent many hours at the flea market and again I did not find what I was looking for.  We were heading out and decided to take one more quick look and there I saw it!  This beautiful buffet!!  I knew this was the one!! 

I had other plans for this little beauty.  I wanted to paint it blue.  The wood is absolutely perfect, but I also knew I did not want a solid wood piece in that space.

In comes Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I was so excited to try the color Provence.  It was exactly the color I had in mind when I pictured my new buffet.

One of the things I love about this paint is I can do it anywhere.  It does not have an odor and does not drip so I can paint in the middle of my kitchen!  There is also no sanding or priming so there is little mess.

I used the paint brush from Annie Sloan to paint this piece.  It was only a few dollars and it washes well and can be reused many times.

I removed the hardware before I painted but decided to clean it up and use it again.  It looked like it belonged there, which it did!

Another thing I love about this paint is it dries so quick!  I forgot to take pictures of this next step.  It is the wax.  I used the large Annie Sloan wax brush and went over the painted areas with the clear wax.  After it dried I took a soft cloth and buffed it.  I then added some dark wax to give it some more depth.  I really like the dark wax! 

 I decided not to paint the top.  I used alittle Old English on it and it looked perfect!

Here it is when completed.  :)

It is exactly what I wanted for that space.  The buffet was $90.00 and the chalk paint was about $35.00.  I have used the Provence color on several other pieces and I still have half a can left.  It goes a long way so the $35.00 is well worth it!  

                   Thanks for looking!  Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Wow, Deb! Who knew? Very cool and I really like the look of this piece. Kind of shabby chic, I guess...