Monday, May 6, 2013

Wow time flies!!!

I was out to dinner with TJ the other night and a friend I had not seen in a long time said she was just on my blog.  Then a few days later a neighbor said my blog inspired her to paint some furniture.  Another neighbor just told me she loved looking at my blog.  That is when I realized it was time to get back to my blogging!  I have missed it and I am so ready to get back at it!  What better way to kick it off then with a flea market!

My sister Kim and I headed out to the Kane County Flea Market this past Saturday.  We were sooooo excited to check it out.  This spring has not been the best flea market season so far.  It has been rainy, snowy, and cold!  Saturday it was perfect!

One of our missions for the day was a church pew.  Kim is building a new home and wants an old church pew in her foyer.  This one was an option, but the nice oak wood was painted and we were not sure how hard it would be to get it off.  It was on pretty thick.  We kept looking.

I love this kitchen island!  It is made by the guy who made my barnwood table.  He had some really neat stuff!  His business is growing!

My parents had these chairs! 

After a really long winter it was so nice to see all the flowers!

I thought this rusty little cart was neat!

Love this chair!  Kim beat me to it!  There is just something about it.  A little paint and new fabric and that chair is going to be awesome!  Kim got it down to $30.00 so it was a steal!

The vendor selling this china hutch always has awesome stuff.  Her booth is always packed with people and it is hard to see everything.  I noticed this cabinet right away and there was just something about it.  I do not need a china cabinet and was not looking for one.  But I have always wanted a glass doored cabinet. This vendor usually has finished things and the prices reflect that.  This cabinet was rough and was $75.00!  It is solid wood and sooooo pretty!  I managed to get it for $60.00 and I am so excited to get started on it.  Still not sure where it will go but will make room! 

Kim beat me to this owl cookie jar too!  I think it is so cute!  She got it for $10.00!  After that I was on the hunt to find another one.  We saw every animal cookie jar there is except an owl until......

I found this little guy! I paid $18.00.  I have plans to add a little more color to him too.  Check out these......

Anthropologie-$68.00.  This owl is identical to the one I found!  (only mine is an antique-it used to be avocado green I was told)

I think we got a good deal!

I loved this metal cart.  I thought would be great on my patio for my garden supplies.  Kim thought it would be good for my dogs!  It was $350.00 so I will keep searching!

After a long day of shopping Kim found her church pew!  This bench is cool!  It was from a church that burned down and they salvaged some of the pews.  She was pretty happy!  (I am not sure if you can see, but Kim is pregnant, we are trying to get in as many flea markets as we can while she can still get around!!!)  I will push her in a cart if I have too!  :)

All in all it was a great day!  Can not wait to do it again!!




  2. Hi! I do love the cabinet! Check out my latest blog to see it when I finished it! Love your stuff by the way! :)