Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Found them!

I found my dining room chairs.  I only changed my mind a few times.  I did try the industrial look since I love old and industrial together, but it just was not what I was looking for.  Rustic and cloth is the look I wanted! 
For Rustic I had decided on a cross back chair.  Love these.   I almost went with this chair from Restoration Hardware.  It is the Madeline Chair.  The seat is rattan and that is the only part I was not a big fan of.  For a kitchen chair I like that, but not as dining room chair.  I did come very very close to ordering though!
Then I found this chair!
Looking at picture online I did not love it.  It is from World Market.  I read the reviews and someone had said it is a light weathered gray teak looking wood.  It does not look like that at all in the picture.  So I went to check it out.  I wanted a chair with that exact description! 
And this chair had it! It is rustic, weathered, kind of grayish, has a solid seat, and it is actually comfortable, perfect! I also got it during the 25% off sale so that was a big bonus! As I was walking around World Market I knew I did not want 6 of these chairs. I wanted something different on the end of the table.
I love the linen chairs with the barnwood!
So when I saw these at World Market I knew they were the ones! They come in a few colors and I went back and forth between the linen and a smokey gray blue color.  Linen won!  I also got 25% off these plus they only had two floor ones left and they were missing a few pieces so they had to take them from other chairs to fix them up.  SO I got an amazing deal and they look perfect! 


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