Friday, May 24, 2013

Elkorn Flea Market

Kim and I spent last Sunday at the Elkhorn Flea Market in WI.  I was not sure if I was going to make this one, but at the last minute was able to.  It was 75 and sunny, perfect day to shop!

Here is some of what we found......
I love these old telephone tables!


Cool rusty old drawers. 

Kim bought this little library table.  This was the main thing she was looking for. 

We saw quite a few church pews.

Wonder if some day Kim and I will wear hats like these women?!  :)
Here are some library type tables.  Most of these were pretty pricey. 


Not sure about this. 
So pretty, white and industrial. 

Hippie Tom's booth

Kim bought this metal cart.  If she didn't I may have.  It is so cool.  I did buy the rusty metal tray under it.  I acutally love that!  This lady has the neatest stuff!!

This would be neat in a little boys room or a mud room.

I like this vendor too.  They own a huge farm. They always have cool stuff that is priced fair.

Funny story.  At the flea market last September Kim bought these metal drawers.  We usually pay for our things and then come back at the end with her truck and pick it all up.  When we went for these bins the guy was gone.  This has never happened before, if anything the vendor leaves the item with the booth next to it or leaves it in the grass.  She spent $35.00 on these.  We could not wait to see if he was here this year.  We found him right away and he was selling Kim's bins!  We thought he might have them set aside just in case.  Nope!  He acted like he did not remember but did let her take them.  hmmmmmmm.
Our signature Hippie Tom pics!

**Kim may be the old sister wearing the funny hat someday!  ;)
Here are my finds.  I was on a mission for old mirrors and I found a few of those.  I also wanted metal drawers and trays, found those too.  And I wanted a big glass vase and I found that too.  The one I found is an old water bottle.  It is pretty cool. 
I also found this old chair for $2.00!  I already started working on it.  I am trying Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint on it. 

We had a great day in Elkhorn.  We got there at 7am with plans to shop and get out early.  We stayed well after close as usual!  :)

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