Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One of my first projects and my first trip to a flea market!

It all started last summer.  I had never been to a flea market before.  The idea of looking at other people's stuff did nothing for me.  Nothing.

I started hearing some people talk about the flea market that is near my home.  It is one of the largest in the state and people drive from quite a distance to go there, I live ten minutes away. I decided one weekend to check it out.  I have no idea what compelled me to do so!  I made asked my teenage son to go with me.  (poor guy was the only one home) I did not want to go to my first one alone!

We paid our $5.00 to get in and off we went. It took a matter of seconds before I realized how cool that place was!!  From the very first dusty isle I was in.  I did not know where to look first!  We walked around the entire place to get a lay of the land, then doubled backed to look again.  At this point I knew my son was loosing interest fast.  It was hot & dusty and I am sure very boring for him! 

On that first trip I found an antique mirror that I love! It was my first flea market find and it will always hold a special place in my heart! :) 

As we were leaving the man at the gate asked if we wanted our hands stamped.  He said if we get a stamp we can come back the rest of the day for FREE.  SO I drove my son home (grateful he was a good sport and checked it out with me) and drove right back to the flea market!  I spent the rest of the afternoon there.  I must say I was hooked! 

My flea market bench-$18.00.  I love the fabric that was already on the bench, but my vision was for a white simple bench.

Here is the bench after.  I removed the seat and back and spray painted all the wood areas white.  Then I sanded them to rough them up abit.  I decided to go with drop cloth fabric.  Nothing fancy.  I washed the drop cloth first in bleach to whitened it and soften it.  Then I used my staple gun and stapled away.

I even attempted nail heads on the back!

This little bench has come in quite handy!


I will always be thankful to my son for joining me on my first adventure to the flea market.  Lucky for him I have found a partner.  My sister came with me to the next one and she is as addicted as I am.  Every single thing we buy from a flea market has a story to tell! 

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